Nisha Rawal got serious injury due to quarrel with Karan Mehra?  Celebrities came out in support of the actress

Nisha Rawal (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal Controversy: There is a lot of ruckus in the married life of TV couple Karan Mehra and his wife Nisha Rawal. Recently, Nisha lodged a complaint against Karan at Goregaon Police Station in Mumbai, after which she was arrested and released on bail in the morning. In this matter, both the people have presented their explanation in front of the media. Now many celebrities have come out in support of Nisha and told that Karan has beaten his wife many times.

Popular fashion designer and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rohit Verma has posted a photo of Nisha, in which she looked beautiful on one side and she was badly hurt on the other. A lot was flowing from his head too. People are surprised after seeing this photo. Sharing the picture, Rohit wrote in support of Nisha, “I have been watching you bear all this in peace for many years and finally you raised your voice to help yourself and your child. Sad to see my friend in this condition. Why does a human become a monster like this? I am with my friend in this sad time…he will have to rise and fight. Their pain, suffering and anguish cannot be described. I stand with them like a strong pillar. I am with you in this difficult time by holding your hand. Lots of love and courage.”

Kashmera Shah also supported Nisha and told the media, “I am with Nisha and when there were many financial problems going on between her, Karan had beaten her many times. We came home and saw that Nisha was calm and it was a very private matter. We knew that there were many problems in his life but we did not know to what extent. Even like a best friend, you could not interfere in his personal life and only be with him.”

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Talking about Karan, Kashmera said, “This is not right, it will not happen that Nisha herself gets injured so badly by banging her head on the wall. What would have happened if they did not get medical facilities at the right time? At present, we are standing with our friend more than the domestic violence.

Let us tell you that Karan had told the media that Nisha is bi-polar and after a dispute with her on the night of 1 June, the actress herself slammed her head on the wall. Although Nisha has told this thing completely wrong.

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