Not because of Radhe review, but because Salman Khan filed a case against KRK, the legal team of Bhaijaan told the truth

Salman Khan and KRK (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Lawyers for Bollywood actor Salman Khan have reacted to the claims of Kamal Rashid Khan (Kamaal Rashid Khan) in which they alleged that Salman Khan has defamation case against him for reviewing the film ‘Radhey’ (Defamation Case) ) Is registered. KRK said that he had criticized Salman’s film and ridiculed him, due to which the actor is angry.

In this case, now Salman Khan’s lawyer, while presenting a clarification, said that what he has lodged against Jess KRK is not for the ‘Radhe’ review but for his allegations of corruption, money laundering on the actor. In his statement issued to Guruvar, counsel for Salman Khan and Salman Khan Ventures DSK Legal said, “In this case, the Defendant, Mr. Kamal Rashid Khan has posted many tweets and videos in which he has alleged that Salman Khan has given his He has been dragged into the court for the review of the film Radhe. This case has been registered because Kamal Rashid Khan is continuously posting such tweets and videos in which he is accusing Salman of being corrupt and that his social organization Being Human Foundation is engaged in the work of fraud, manipulation and money laundering. Hai and Salman are a dacoit. “

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In his statement, the legal team of Salman said, “KRK is constantly sharing wrong and inflammatory things against Salman which is tarnishing his image. By doing all this, KRK wants to attract the attention of the people. In the court today, KRK’s lawyer said that he will not share any objectionable things against Salman Khan. In this case, the court has recorded its statement and has passed its order.

It was told that the next hearing in this case will be on 7 June. KRK appealed to Salman Khan and Salim Khan on Twitter, saying that they will not review any of their films in future and hence the case taken against them should be withdrawn. However, now the legal team of Salman revealed that the defamation case has not been done regarding the Radhe Review.

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