Caste comment case: Prince Narula reprimanded Hetters, shared photo and wrote- We give a smashing

Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Caste comment case: There was a lot of ruckus about the recently shared V-log video of actress Yuvika Chaudhary. In the video, the actress used the word casteist, on which people protested on Twitter and demanded her arrest. Her husband Prince Narula, standing with controversies, was seen standing firm and supported her in this difficult time.

Prince has now shared strong messages on social media for those who are trolling him and calling him abusive. Prince posted his photo and wrote, “Hands are folded when we make a mistake and break our mouth when someone insists or tore. Commenting on this photo, Yuvika wrote, “My life

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Let us tell you that Yuvika Chaudhary apologized to everyone by sharing the message on social media after the controversy over her V-log video and said that her purpose was not to hurt anyone’s feelings. The actress told that what she said has been misinterpreted and that is why she apologizes to everyone.

Along with this, Prince also apologized on behalf of the young girl and appealed that the matter should be pacified. However, many people are still trolling them and making negative comments on their posts. The Prince has now given his answer to Haters regarding this matter.

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