Radhika Apte breaks silence on leaking Nude video, said this big thing in the cleaning

Radhika Apte (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Radhika Apte on her Nude Video Leak Controversy: Bollywood actress Radhika Apte told that the film ‘Parched’ came to her at a time when she needed it. He also recalled his time when his nude video was leaked on social media. This clip was from his film ‘Clean Shaven’, which the actress told that the woman seen in the video is not her.

Radhika also played the role of a sex worker in Leena Yadav’s film ‘Parched’ which also got a great response in 2016. Talking about her role, Radhika told Grazia Magazine, “I wanted a similar character because when you are in Bollywood, you are constantly told what you have to do with your body and I also Emphasized that I will not do anything with my body and face. When my nude video was leaked, I was shooting for Clean Shaven. I was trolled badly. I could not get out of the house for several days. Not because the media was saying anything but because my watchman, driver and my stylist’s driver also started recognizing me from those pictures. “

Radhikesh did not go on to say, “Those disputed photos were selfies taken in a naked state and anyone with sensible eyes will know that I am not. I don’t think Amin could have done anything about it or ignored it. So when I took off my clothes in ‘Parched’, I realized that now I have nothing to hide. “Radh

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