The drama involved with the new Housewives of Beverly Hills show is really entertaining. It is clear on the part of the fan to expect tremendous excitement for season 11. Since Bravo has not announced any release date for the show, this fact is making fans nervous. But the media platforms are there to give you the latest news from the eleventh season. In the 11th season, fans will see a significant drama based on the divorce story of Erica Jayne.

According to multiple sources, not only will there be immense dramas related to Jayne, but other actors will also be involved. Another fact that will make the show even more interesting is the return of Garcelle Beauvais after a second straight start to the show.

rhob season 11


Stark’s role in Season 11

As viewers already know, Andy Cohen has already echoed Beauvais following his appearance on the Watch What Happens Life season. If reports are to be believed, this season will mainly feature the famous reality TV star Lisa Rinna. Also, ever since we found out how Strake has a close friendship with Beauvis.

Cohen gathers more information about Strake as Cohen explains to the man about Erica’s more curious aloofness. Without a double thought, Beauvais revealed Strake’s name. The streak will be the focus of season 11.

Talk of Jayne’s divorce in the 11th season

The most important event of this season will primarily be Jayne’s divorce from her husband. Anyone who loves the series knows how their jaws dropped when they saw Jayne divorce against her husband. This will affect the show due to Jayan’s unstable spirit.

It is confirmed that the plot related to the divorce will cover a significant portion of the series. It is said that Erica will not hesitate to reveal anything on the advice of her lawyer. Jayne, on the other hand, will be on emotional waves, and her fellow friends will support her to fix it. As for Strake, nothing has been confirmed so far.

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