Salman Khan, who is taking a big risk by releasing 'Radhe', gave this statement on his decision

Salaman Khan and Disha Patani (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Salman Khan on Radhe’s Release Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak: Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhey: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is ready for digital platforms and release, including all theaters, on this tomorrow i.e. May 13. In the Corona crisis, where theaters are closed in many places and there is silence at the box office, the decision to release this film is no less than a big risk for its makers. Despite the Corona crisis, this big budget film is being released because Salman does not want to break the commitments of its release from other fans.

Recently, in a conversation with journalists in Mumbai, Salman also gave a statement about this decision. Everyone knows that if the film was released at the box office in the normal days, it would have opened an opening collection of crores. But now there is a deep crisis on the film’s earnings too.

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Talking about these topics, Salman said, “We can earn less with ‘Radhe'”. Perhaps it will not even be able to cross the 10-15 crore mark, but the person who will have to be happy with our earnings will be there and the one who will have to be happy with our higher earnings will be asleep. I know that Radhe’s score will be the lowest. We can also lose money with it and the box office collection will be almost zero but still we are releasing it. My dream was 10 lakh rupees. It will not bring anything or will carry anything, so whatever it is, it is more than expected. “

Talking further, Salman said, “We are releasing this film so that we can help theater owners with its earnings.” Theaters are closed again, but what is the fault of the audience who wanted to see the film? So at a time when people are dying for oxygen, medicine and other things, a Salman Khan film comes and you pay it more money and watch it in the theater, lest you get it with the whole family at least At home. “

Salman said, “We will bear the loss but those who want to get out of that zone will be able to watch this film with their family.” If not now then also later. It will help those who are at home and want entertainment. This is my purpose behind this. My biggest intention is that for this you will not have to pay much money. “


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