Sapna Choudhary shared a painful story by sharing a video, said - people used to make dirty comments

Sapna Chaudhary (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sapna Choudhary Video: We often see Haryanvi dancer and singer Sapna Chaudhary entertaining their fans. Sapna has won the hearts of people across the country with her songs and songs. Everyone is crazy about their dance. But Sapna also has a story of her own, which is very struggling and which few people know. While sharing a video on social media today, Sapna has narrated her painful stories to her fans.

Posting this video of her, Sapna gave the caption, “Nothing is known of the time, friends, when does anyone know how bad times are going.” Thank you for supporting me so much. ” In this video of her, Sapna told that when she was young, her father passed away and there was no one else in her family to earn.

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In 2009, when she was 14 years old, she made her debut in the world of dance and stage performance. Since then, this long journey of 13 years has been very memorable for him. Sapna told that people used to taunt her by calling them dancing and sloppy but they ignored it.

He believes that if his dancing runs his family and smiles on everyone’s faces, then he has no grief about it. Sapna said that in her time of need, the art community adopted her. While dancing on the stage, many times, seeing the children in the program, they also felt that they should go to school and write studies. But she was also helpless before Naseeb.

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The Haryanvi dancer said that often people used to make dirty comments while returning to the show late at night. Even today, she is scared by remembering that time. Sapna said, “I did not bad anyone and for that they got so much love from everyone.” I will tell you the rest of my journey soon. “

He encouraged his fans and said, “Never give up in life. I myself am an example of this. ” Finally, while thanking his fans, Sapna said that if God had not supported, today he would have been the same where his father is.


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