Sonu Nigam has now put his side on Indian Idol controversy, said- Do not take advantage of Amit Kumar's silence

Sonu Nigam (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Ever since Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar has targeted the makers of Indian Idol. Since then, new statements have been made on the day of the show. If someone is questioning the content of the show, then Amit Kumar is tight on himself. In such a situation, Indian Idol judge Sonu Nigam has also broken his silence on the whole matter and has put his side. Sonu Nigam has shared a video on Instagram. In which he said that Amit Kumar is being targeted unnecessarily. That big man should respect his words.

Sonu Nigam said that an unnecessary uproar is being created on social media. Amit Kumar is a respected person and his words should be respected. He had given his opinion which should be implemented and not start rhetoric against him. In this whole matter neither Amit Kumar’s fault nor Indian Idol’s. Contestants sometimes do not have the blessings of Mother Saraswati. But this does not mean that he is not a good singer.

Sonu Sood further said that in such a situation, this entire controversy should not be blown up. Because Amit ji is not saying anything, he has greatness in this.

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