Sonu Nigam raged on Tripura DM who raided the wedding ceremony

Sonu Nigam (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam posted a video on Instagram and strongly criticized the DM (DM) of Tripura, who raided a wedding ceremony held there and misbehaved with the people. Despite the curfew, the ongoing marriage in the area was very upset with Tripura West District Magistrate Silesh Kumar Yadav and together with his policemen, they created a ruckus at the wedding ceremony.

Posting a video on social media, Sonu Nigam wrote, “District Magistrate Shailesh Kumar Yadav, it is condemnable.” In the video, he said that he is very sad to see the behavior of the District Magistrate in the wedding ceremony. The DM scolded the bride and groom and the guests. He said, “How dare you talk to people like this?”

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Sonu said that the DM spoiled this important day of the family by his behavior. They should treat Tamizh while doing his duty. Sonu Nigam said that the Prime Minister of the country also talks to people with tameez but they are behaving like this by being DMs.

After the wedding video became viral on social media, Sailesh Kumar Yadav apologized that he did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. People had violated Section 144 by gathering in the wedding ceremony, due to which they were arrested. Later he was released.



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