Sonu Sood unaware of his request for help at airport, actor's messiah came in front

Sonu Sood (Image Credit: Twitter)

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is once again seen becoming a real messiah for the people. In this era of Corona, he is once again seen posted for the needy for 24 hours. This form of Sonu Sood was shown when he was spotted at Mumbai Airport. During this time, a man talks to him about the injection of Remediver. After which Sonu asks the person for his number and address. This form of Sonu Sood is once again touching the hearts of his fans.

In fact, Sonu Sood is constantly extending a helping hand amidst increasing cases of Corona virus. They are engaged in providing oxygen and essential medicines for the people. On social media, they are busy in resolving the problems of more and more people. This is why Sonu Sood appeared ready for help immediately, just like a man at the airport pleaded for help.

Let me tell you that earlier Sonu Sood wrote that if you make someone make beds in the middle of the night by making many calls. Oxygen saves someone’s life. I swear this is millions of times better than being a part of a 100 crore film. We cannot sleep when people are waiting for beds outside the hospital.

Read More  In fact, John Abraham, who came forward at the right time to show patriotism, will do such a thing for the sake of Corona patients.



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