Sumona Chakraborty of The Kapil Sharma Show made a big reveal on social media, the actress is in the fourth stage of the disease

Sumona Chakraborty (Image Credit: Instagram)

Sumona Chakravarti, who played several characters in The Kapil Sharma Show, has her own fan following. The show is currently closed. In such a situation, the actress has made a big disclosure about herself. Sumona has made many revelations by writing a large post along with sharing photos while doing her workouts on social media. After a long time I have done good workouts, though I am unemployed. But I am able to feed the family, although I blame Premenstrual Syndrome for this. Due to this, I get upset, sad and emotional at times.

Further, in her post, Sumona told that since 2011, she is suffering from endometriosis disease. I am on the fourth stage of this disease. Let me tell you that the problem of not being able to conceive from this disease increases.

Sumona further wrote that while doing the workout, I thought why not share my mind with all of you. Because not every agreeable thing is gold. We are all in struggle in life, we all need love and companionship.

Let us tell you that due to Corona virus, shooting in Mumbai and Maharashtra is currently going on. In such a situation, the shooting of many shows has come to a complete standstill.

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