Super Dancer Chapter 4, 5th June 2021, Full Episode, Pratiti Special Performances and Elimination Updates

The show has been doing extremely well and it seems like that the show has become a national hit as the show is too entertaining and the show has started having more TRP after the last episode which Anna special in which Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty performed a scene for the audiences from one of their legendary movies but that is not the only reason that the show has been gaining so much attention, the contestants on the show have been mesmerizing the audiences by their epic and energetic performances.

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Super Dancer Chapter 4

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Elimination

They have been pulling off every now and then and the competition of the show has also increased to another level as the is at its crucial point and it seems like that the show is going to keep on increasing its viewership, also one of the reasons that the show is doing so well is that the host Ritvik has been doing full justice as the host of the show as he has been entertaining the audiences and the judges for the longest time and audiences love to see him interacting with the contestants and the judges, he has truly brilliant.

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In today’s episode, you are going to see the legendary actor Govinda and the legendary actress Neelam as they have been part of the industry for the longest time and have been entertaining the audience for the longest time, the contestants are going to perform on the legendary songs of Govinda and Neelam and the contestants are going to kill the stage with their energetic performances as we all know that songs of Govinda are just too electrifying,

The contestants are going to demolish the stage with their performances as the judges are going to be on their toes and jaws are going to be dropped after seeing the amazing performances of the contestants, Govinda is also going to be dancing with the contestants as he is going to guide them and motivate them and Neelam is also going to be seen making the contestants feel comfortable and is going to comfort them to not stress too much, there are going to be no eliminations in today’s episode and it seems like that the audiences are going to have a rollercoaster ride in today’s episode.

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