The balcony of Rakhi Sawant's house broken due to Cyclone Tauktae, sad actress said- I am very upset

Rakhi Sawant (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Cyclone Tauktae: Due to cyclone talk, life in Mumbai city was disturbed. In many places, trees fell and in some places the roof of the wall fell. This natural disaster created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people. Now the Bollywood drama Queen Rakhi Sawant has told that the balcony of her house broke due to this cyclone storm. Because of this, they are very upset.

In an ABP News report, Rakhi said, “Due to the roof collapse of the balcony, a lot of water had accumulated here, after which I had to throw it with the help of a bucket. Recently we made our new terrace of our balcony and it has completely broken. Due to this, I am very upset. I am very upset because of this. “

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Asked the actress about the fallen trees in the city, she said, “The natural thing that gave us oxygen also broke down due to the storm. I know what the intention of God is but now it is getting out of our stamina. “

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