This song of Sapna Choudhary has set YouTube on fire, more than 38 crores views

Sapna Chaudhary’s song Machaya Dhamka (Image Credit: YouTube)

Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary is all crazy about dance. Their killer dance makes fans crazy. So at the same time Sapna is very active on her social media too. They keep sharing new videos and photos every day. In which their fun is made soon. So at the same time Sapna’s music videos are also very popular. Fans like every form of Sapna very much. In such a situation, a new song of Sapna is becoming quite popular. The song released a few days ago has now brought storms on YouTube. This song of Sapna Chaudhary has got more than 38 crores views.

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In this song, Sapna Chaudhary is seen in her usual familiar style. His desi avatar is being liked by everyone. This is why today this song of Sapna is getting such a tremendous response. Renuka Panwar is also seen in this song with Sapna Chaudhty.

Sapna Chaudhary keeps stealing the hearts of the fans with her wonderful nach. This is why Sapna’s songs are rocking from stage to album.


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