Must eat dates in Ramadan, along with boosting immunity, gives many shocking benefits.

New Delhi: In the month of Ramadan, dates rich in nutritious elements are of the highest importance. Khazur is the first fruit that a rosary likes to open. It is believed that a person gets blessings on opening a roza with dates. Or simply say that the date of the highest level of the Dastarkhan in Ramadan is the date. In scientific terms, dates contain natural sugar, which fulfills the lack of sugar in the body during fasting.

Date is a fruit in which many nutritious elements are found. It cures many diseases. Eating dates in fasting gives the body immediate energy. Eating dates after Roja strengthens our entire nervous system. Date palm controls blood pressure, as well as relieves digestion and constipation problems. Know the benefits of eating dates in Ramadan.

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Benefits of eating dates in Ramadan


  • At the time of Iftar, breaking the fast by eating dates first is very beneficial for health. It is healthy as well as rich in nutritional elements. Natural sugar is found in them, which gives immediate energy to the body.
  • It contains natural elements like carbohydrates and fiber which are beneficial for the stomach. During the fast, there is a lack of water in the body and dryness remains on the skin. In this case dates are very beneficial for the skin. Skin improves with its use.
  • Dates are rich in fiber, which helps in cleaning the digestive system on a daily basis. Constipation is also overcome by eating it.
  • Some people start getting headaches, fatigue, dizziness due to being hungry thirsty during the day. On an empty stomach, some people have low blood pressure and dehydration problems also occur, so the consumption of dates can get rid of these problems.
  • Eating dates after Lent increases immunity and protects against many diseases.
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