‘2DG’ will be effective in the treatment of cancer along with corona virus: Dr. Anant Narayan Bhatt

Lucknow. A webinar was organized on Tuesday on National Technology Day jointly by CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-IITR, Lucknow. The webinar was attended by Dr. Ananth Narayan Bhatt, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science, Defense Research Development Organization, Ministry of Defense, Government of India. Dr. Bhatt is a key member of the team that has recently discovered an effective indigenous drug ‘2-DG’ against the corona virus. Dr. Anant Narayan Bhatt, in his address on the topic “Development of indigenous anti-kovid medicine”, discussed about the anti-kovid drug 2-DG developed by DRDO

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Dr. Bhatt said that this indigenous medicine has the potential to reduce the multiplication of viral infections in the body. Dr. Bhatt said that with this drug the virus also loses the ability to re-infect other nearby cells, which means that the virus is unable to enter new cells. Discussing the effect of this medicine on the virus, he said that there are three main stages of the disease caused by the virus. Multiplication of virus, high resistance response and destruction of respiratory system. He said that the 2D drug is effective in neutralizing the virus during the first two stages.

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They reported that this drug affects the structure of new viruses’ outer protein envelopes at the time of birth of new viruses by multiplication of viruses, causing these newly generated viruses to be unable to infect nearby new cells. He said that this drug has received clinical trial approval from the Drug General Control of India for further testing on humans. Due to the anti-cancer properties of this drug, it is also possible to be used in the treatment of cancer in future.

Earlier, while welcoming all the participants and distinguished guests, Prof. SK Barik said that various scientific organizations of the country are making common efforts at various levels to fight this Kovid 19 epidemic. He congratulated the Chairman of Defense Research Development Organization DRDO for this drug. And said that this drug will prove effective in getting the country out of this pandemic. At the end of the webinar, Chief Scientist Dr. PA Shirke proposed a vote of thanks.

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