Black fungus spreading due to moisture in the mask

Saharanpur. The increase in cases of mucormycosis (black fungus) among the patients of Kovid 19 in the country is believed to be due to moisture in the mask. Senior ophthalmologist Dr. SS Lal said that long-term use of masks could be behind this disease called mucormycosis (black fungus). There is a possibility of fungal infection in the eyes due to the dirt particles that accumulate on the mask. This type of infection can occur even if there is moisture in the mask.

Dr. Lal told that this fungal infection can also happen due to the oxygen being given to the patient of Kovid 19 admitted in the ICU for a long time. He told that high doses of steroids are given to the Kovid patient. Then due to the increase in the sugar level of the patient, there is a great possibility of increasing such infection.

Dr. Lal told that the infection of fungus starts from the nose. When brown or red colored mucus comes out from the nose, then this initial symptom is considered to be of black fungus, then it gradually reaches the eyes. Redness in the eyes, discharge, symptoms of conjunctivitis emerge in this disease. There is severe pain in the eyes and then vision is completely lost. He said that proper arrangements have been made for the treatment of black fungus in the medical college. Timely treatment can save the patient.

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Dr. Keshav Swami, an ophthalmologist working in the district hospital itself, told that the fungus is found in the environment. Black fungus is more prone to spread during the rainy season. People recovering from Kovid 19, wash the mask daily in Dettol and wear it after drying in the sun. The effect of this fungus falls on the retina of the eyes, then it reaches the brain, nervous system and heart and it leads to death.


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