BRO did something that has blown the senses of China and Pakistan


new Delhi. The manner in which China is entangled with India over the border dispute is increasing its problems. At the diplomatic level, the way India has pitted other countries against China, China has been stunned. Meanwhile, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) has almost finished work on the third road, also known as Nimoo-Padam-Darcha road.

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Explain that this new road will provide strategic connectivity to the security forces as it will be away from the eyes of the army of neighboring countries. Two other roads – Srinagar-Kargil-Leh Road and Manali Sarchu-Leh Road are close to the international border, which makes it easier for the enemy to monitor them.

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Apart from this, this road will also save a lot of time as it used to take around 12-14 hours to reach Leh from Manali via the old road, but it will take only 6-7 hours via the new road. The most important aspect of this road is that unlike other roads, it can remain open almost all year round, whereas, both other roads are open only for 6-7 months and are usually closed for a period of six months from November. .

Engineers of BRO said that this road is now operational and is also ready for heavy vehicles weighing several tons. Commander MK Jain of 16 BRTF stated, “This road is ready except for a 30 km stretch. Now the army can use this road. The importance of this road is that the army can save about 5-6 hours from Manali to Leh. Also, because this road is away from the eyes of other countries, military movement can be done without any risk on it. This road is not close to any boundary. “

Regarding the opening of the road for traffic, he added, “Also, since this road is at a low altitude, it can be opened for about 10-11 months for vehicular traffic. This road is 258 kilometers long. We have given connectivity by diverting and connecting it to a different road as the distance of 30 km is yet to be completed. ”

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The main route used for transportation of goods and personnel is from Zojila, which goes through Dras-Kargil to Leh. This route was targeted by the Pakistanis during the Kargil War in 1999 and was constantly bombarded and bombarded by their troops from the high mountains along the road.


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