CM Vijay Rupani to introduce Gujarat Amendment Bill 2020 with significant changes


new Delhi. Gujarat (Gujarat) Chief Minister Vijay Rupani (Gujarat Amendment Bill-2020) in the upcoming session of the Legislative Assembly required amendments to the Registration Act 1908 (Important Amendments) Will present to bring. The purpose of this amendment is to make document registration simple, transparent and efficient.


Every citizen of Gujarat can now upload and register their documents online without the help of a lawyer or document writer. An online draft will also be made available to citizens. This will save the charges that citizens have to pay for writing their documents. This will also save time in such processes.

Earlier the land mafia used to prepare fake power of attorney documents and take away the title of the land. The Chief Minister has also introduced an amendment, in which a person registering for a certain land has to submit the necessary evidence claiming the right of ownership. For agricultural land, he will be required to present a 7/12 document as well as a property card if it is a city survey land.

Vijay Rupani

These amendments have been made for the sale, lease, or transfer of land to either state government or central government, or center-state ventures. For this, the authorized person will be required to submit approval from the concerned officer while registering online.

CM has introduced three new sections in The Registration Act 1908. All those who engage in pressure on people to register documents online or engage in fraud, misuse the power of attorney, or register by providing false information, equal to 7 years in prison or the market value of the land concerned Fines or both will face punishment.

Land prices in Gujarat have steadily increased due to overall development in the socio-economic and agricultural sector. This has increased the apprehension of illegal occupation on the land of farmers, citizens, such fraud on the basis of intimidation, fraud, fake paper has become common. In view of this, this amendment has been done. The amendments introduced by the Chief Minister will curb all such activities and the process will be transparent and such elements will be controlled.


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