Corona attacks the lungs, thus keep yourself safe

New Delhi. The orgy of the second wave of the Corona epidemic continues throughout the country. This time the corona virus is directly damaging your lungs. There are frequent cases in which 25 percent of the lungs of people have been affected even before the symptoms of corona appear. But by taking some home remedies and consulting the doctor at the right time, you can keep your lungs safe. Let us know which ways we can keep our lungs strong.

Take these home remedies as necessary

  • Steam hot water three to four times a day. It would be better if you add celery and camphor to the water.
  • Keep drinking water by adding lime to lukewarm water. If there is no lemon, then the consumption of hot water also protects the lungs from infection.
  • Do not consume cold water at all. Keep drinking oranges, apples and coconut water in fruits.

Make such lungs strong

  • Get up in the morning
  • Climbed the stairs
  • Inflate the balloons
  • Stop breathing for 20 seconds to 60 seconds. Do this three times

How are your lungs infected?

  • If you are having trouble breathing, then understand that the virus is infecting the lungs.
  • If there is swelling or severe pain in the lower part of the lungs, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Dry cough, especially chest pain is also a symptom of corona.

Know what to do when you see symptoms

  • Do not panic first. Consult a doctor.
  • Get your lung CT scan done.
  • Check your oxygen level with the oxy meter every half an hour.
  • Keep distance from other family members. Do not let yourself come in contact with anyone else.
  • Do not remain empty stomach at all. The virus can affect your body more by staying on an empty stomach.

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