Corona Mahamari miscalculation and premature sanctions eased India heavily

New Delhi. India is moaning from the second wave of the corona epidemic. Dr. Anthony Fauchi, America’s top health expert has given a big statement about this. He said that India is under severe stress because it wrongly estimated the end of COVID-19. Due to this, the restrictions were relaxed before time. Let us know that India is facing the second wave of Corona virus. There has been a slight reduction in cases of infection, but the threat still remains.

Things are very disastrous in India

Reacting to COVID-19, Dr. Fauchi stated before the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee of Parliament that the reason for India’s present grave situation is that there was indeed a wave. He incorrectly estimated that it was over. This is why India started loosening restrictions ahead of time. At the moment there are increasing cases and we are all well aware that it is very destructive.

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Emphasis on vaccination

Senator Patty Murray, who presided over the hearing, said that the rising corona outbreak in India is a reminder that the US cannot end the epidemic until it ends everywhere. Earlier, Dr. Anthony Fauchi had said that vaccination of all people as soon as possible is the only way to overcome the present crisis of corona in India. He also emphasized on increasing the production of corona vaccine domestically and internationally to deal with corona.

The second wave will not end soon

Let us know that the second wave of corona virus in India seems to be weakening, but despite this, experts say that this wave will take time to finish. Infectious diseases expert and virologist Shahid Jameel said that even though the cases of Kovid-19 in India seem to be decreasing, the second wave will take a few months to fade and possibly last till July. This means that even though the curve has started decreasing, in the coming days we will have to deal with a large number of infections every day.

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