Cumin and black pepper mixed milk is effective in increasing immunity


There is a lot of talk around the world these days about immunity. Everyone wants to strengthen their immunity. In India too, people are consuming many kinds of things to strengthen their immunity. Now the winter season has also started, in which it is important to have good immunity power.

If immunity will be weak in winter, cough, cold easily grips our body. To avoid this, today we are telling you about the consumption of two types of things, which are effective in increasing immunity power.

  1. cumin
  2. Black pepper

How to make cumin and black pepper milk

To make their milk, first take half a teaspoon of cumin and equal amount of black pepper. Now grind them finely, so that their powder will be formed. Now take a glass of milk filled with hot milk, add cumin and black pepper powder to it.

When to consume

The best time to consume cumin and black pepper milk is before bed at night. Drinking a glass of milk at night while sleeping will strengthen immunity as well as protect the body from seasonal diseases occurring in winter.

Apart from this, milk also controls blood pressure. The vibration in the body also stops by consuming it for a few days. Black pepper and cumin also remove the accumulated fat of the body. It also strengthens digestive power.

This milk is rich in calcium, potassium and iron, which is also effective in increasing blood. Black pepper and cumin milk mixed in the body corrects blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. The antiseptic and vitamin-mineral-rich properties increase the ability to fight colds and colds.

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