Drink this juice at home to get rid of constipation, you will get instant relief



Most people suffer from constipation. When you have constipation problem, you are not able to eat anything properly nor can you attend your office meeting properly. Constipation means the stomach is not cleaned properly. Constipation is a problem due to lack of lifestyle. If left untreated, this problem can take the form of a serious disease. You can overcome constipation problem with home remedies forever.

Dried plum juice

Dried plum contains fiber and sorbitol, which removes the problem of constipation. Apart from this, it also helps in removing toxins from the body.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice is rich in fiber. Which boosts the immune system. The cumin powder added to this juice also maintains the digestion process.

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Pear juice

Pears contain plenty of fiber. Sorbitol is doubled inside it. This juice makes your immune system strong.

Apple juice

Apples contain fiber, minerals and vitamins. Which gives relief from constipation problem.

Orange juice

Orange juice contains vitamin C, mineral and fiber. The fiber present in it ends the problem of constipation quickly.



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