Eight hours of sleep is necessary to boost immunity

Lucknow. Senior doctor of Basti district in UP, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Srivastava said that at least eight hours of sleep is necessary to boost immunity, which is necessary to fight the corona virus.

Dr. Srivastava said on Thursday that people with weak immunity easily fall prey to the virus. In such a situation, to increase immunity of the body, along with food and sleep, it is also necessary. It needs special attention. Most of the people who are vulnerable to the korana virus are also the ones whose immunity system is weak, which is common in children and the elderly. Eight hours of sleep is very important to boost immunity, while the immune system is able to fight disease better while sleeping.

He told that immunity works to fight against any kind of disease in the body of people. Therefore it is very important to be strong. People’s immunity becomes very weak due to the rush, busy lifestyle and work. Due to which any disease gets caught easily. In such a situation, keeping the immunity strong has become very challenging in today’s time. Sleep proves to be very effective in increasing immunity, the immune system is able to fight disease better while sleeping, it cures diseases more quickly.

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According to one study, people who sleep only for 6 hours are more likely to get cough, cold and other diseases. Therefore, to stay healthy it is necessary to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Answering a question, he said that nutritious diet should be taken to strengthen immunity.

For this, eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Because they are full of anti-oxidants, they also fight with free radicals in the body. By which your cells are protected. The fiber found in plant foods increases the good bacteria in the intestine, which strengthens immunity.


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