Election Commission made a big announcement about the Bihar election amid Corona disaster


new Delhi. On Friday, the Election Commission of India made a big announcement amidst the Corlana coronavirus. The Election Commission has decided to hold by-elections in one Lok Sabha and 65 assembly seats in the country along with the Bihar General Assembly Elections. The Commission has said that the process for formation of a new government in Bihar will be done before November 29. However, no announcement has been made yet on the dates of Bihar elections, but an announcement will be made in this regard soon.


Actually, one Lok Sabha and 64 assembly seats in the country are vacant. The Election Commission said in a statement that a meeting was held on Friday regarding the by-elections in various states. The commission said that 65 seats are vacant in the assembly and parliamentary constituencies, out of which 64 are in the assembly and one seat is vacant in the Lok Sabha, where by-elections are to be held. The Commission said that it discussed reports and inputs from the Chief Secretaries or Chief Electoral Officers of the respective states, seeking to postpone the by-elections in their states in view of several factors including excess rain and other constraints in some states. Has gone.

The commission said that general assembly elections are also to be held in Bihar, which needs to be held before November 29. In view of this, the commission has decided to hold all 65 by-elections around Bihar assembly elections. The Election Commission has given a concrete reason for the decision to hold the by-elections in Bihar Assembly and 65 seats at one time. According to the commission, one of the key factors to link them together involves the working of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), other law and order forces and other logistics-related logistics.

The Commission has said that along with the Bihar Assembly elections, these by-elections will also be announced by the Commission at the appropriate time. Assembly elections for the 243 assembly seats of Bihar are scheduled this year.

21 Election Commission issued guidelines on 21 August

Earlier on August 21, the Election Commission had issued guidelines that the Bihar election would not be postponed and security money would have to be submitted online for nomination papers, affidavits and nominations. Apart from this, the Commission had said that it would be mandatory for all people to wear masks during the election work. Thermal scanning will also be done in the hall and campus associated with the election. Sanitizer, soap and water will be provided there. Everybody has to follow social distancing. Five people will be allowed to go door to door.


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