First do blood donation and then get covid vaccination

Lucknow. There is a possibility of a blood crisis in the coming days in all the private hospital of the city including all the district hospitals of UP. Covid vaccination is becoming the main reason for this. Please tell that blood donation cannot be done till 90 days after getting corona vaccine. At present, Kovid vaccination is also going on for more than 18 years of age in the country and due to this, there is a possibility that for the next 90 days, the needy patients are going to face anemia.

There is a need to have a gap of 4 to 8 weeks between the first and second dose of Kovid Vaccination. The second dose of Kovishield vaccine is being applied in 6 to 8 weeks. A person can donate blood only after 4 weeks after the second dose. In this way, if someone gets the first vaccine of Corona on 4 May, then he can donate blood at least 90 days later i.e. only after 4 August.

The speed with which Kovid vaccination is taking place and 5 to 8 thousand people are getting vaccinated daily, the number of youngsters who get their first dose of vaccine in May will be close to 1 lakh. This is the age group which donates 80 percent blood. It is clear that the commencement of Kovid vaccination is going to have a direct effect on blood donation.

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Blood donation appeals to many institutions

Blood bank operators have realized the danger of anemia in the coming days. This is the reason why appeals are also being issued to many blood banks to do blood donation first and then get Kovid vaccination done. You will not be able to donate blood for at least 90 days after getting the Kovid vaccine. Blood bank in-charge of the district hospital, Dr. UV Singh, has contacted several institutions and appealed to them to donate blood first and only then get the corona vaccine introduced so that future blood loss problems do not arise.

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5 unit negative blood

There is only 5 units of negative blood left in the blood bank unit of Bareilly District Hospital. Blood bank has a total of 64 units of blood. There is 170 units of blood on normal days, but at this time there is a lack of blood due to low blood donation. In the coming days, a lack of negative blood group may cause a crisis.

Blood cannot be given for at least 28 days after the second dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, whoever donates voluntary blood, do blood donation before vaccination. Protect yourself with the vaccine and save others’ lives by donating blood.

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