Follow these methods to get rid of stomach gas


Are you also troubled by acidity? Many times we eat too much spicy food, which causes severe acidity problem. Due to the problem of acidity, the body and stomach start to feel very heavy, along with it, serious complaints of stomach pain also begin to appear.

1 gooseberry
If you are troubled by the acidity problem then you can take Amla. If you want, you can make Amla Candy and eat it. Amla is very effective for getting rid of stomach gas.

2 celery
After acidity, celery is considered a very effective remedy, for this you should take two spoons of celery with boiled water. By doing this you will get rid of the gas problem in no time. If you want, you can add some salt in hot water.

3 basil leaves
Tulsi is effective in many diseases. Basil leaves are also very helpful in getting rid of diseases like colds, but at the same time it can also relieve gas.

4 turmeric
To get rid of the gas problem, you can add turmeric to curd. If you have stomach pain or cramps, you can also consume turmeric with water. By consuming turmeric, you can easily get rid of gas problem.

5 cumin seeds
For constipation or abdominal pain, you can consume cumin for acidity. To consume it, you can roast cumin and also take it with black salt. Cumin is effective in getting rid of acidity quickly.

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