Gujarat has immense potential for American companies: Vijay Rupani, Gujarat has immense potential for American companies: Vijay Rupani


Ahmedabad. Gujarat (Gujrat) Chief Minister Vijay Rupani (CM Vijay Rupani) in a special address at the Leadership Summit of US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) to ask US companies to produce pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) active in India (India) Called upon Indian companies to join hands.

Vijay Rupani Nitin Patel

Addressing a special public session organized by the USISPF at this week-long virtual summit, the Chief Minister said that Gujarat offers excellent opportunities for American companies and a strong infrastructure for the pharmaceutical sector in the form of a bulk drug park in Bharuch. Facilities are being developed and a medical equipment park is also being developed in Rajkot district.

Vijay Rupani also invited American companies to partner with Gujarat to improve the market access of artisans in tribal areas through digital education. He invited companies like Cisco to partner with the government in the next wave of digital transformation, particularly in the area of ​​cyber technology and governance.

CM vijay rupani

Vijay Rupani said in his address the importance of Indo-US relationship and said that India and the United States have developed into strategic partners. The partnership is people-driven and mass-focused. We share the common values ​​of democracy with the aim of strong cultural ties and human prosperity.

The special public session was organized by the USISPF to focus on investment opportunities in Gujarat. Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani is the only Chief Minister of India who was invited to address the USISPF Leadership Forum for the third time.

Elaborating on the investment opportunities in Gujarat, Vijay Rupani mentioned that the state has recently released the new Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020, which includes investor-friendly measures like exempting GST from other countries. There are several provisions such as rehabilitation benefits for exiting companies.

The CM also emphasized that Gujarat is open to cooperation in life sciences, defense sector, petrochemicals and clean energy, besides the Government of Gujarat is ready for pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector along with storage and logistics.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani

He said that the 1600 km long coastline of Gujarat is a gateway to maritime trade for countries across the world, with 40.40% of India’s exports to the ports from the Middle East.

Highlighting Gujarat’s strong ties with the United States, he said that US President Donald Trump’s visit to Gujarat in February this year was an important step towards this. Gujarat played a major role in supplying hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to the US, hinting in gestures that “we are one and we do not have boundaries.”


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