How many eggs to eat in a day in winter


Often we hear that someone eats 20 eggs a day, then someone eats 30 eggs a day, after all how many eggs should we eat? A few days ago a man made a condition to eat 50 eggs and ate 42 eggs but later his health deteriorated. She went and was admitted to the hospital and died there. Let’s know what happens in the body when the egg is eaten.

When we eat egg, its protein reaches into the body and turns into albumin. This albumin repairs the breakdown of the cells of the body and fulfills most of the body’s needs. The protein does the work of keeping the body healthy in general. An adult should eat three to four eggs a day, four eggs fulfill the need of protein in the body.

If the liver kidney is weak then there is a deficiency of protein in the body, in such a situation, the advice of the doctor should be to eat eggs. People who do bodybuilding have more protein requirement in their body because they are building muscles although more than three or four Eating eggs is harmful for health, causing gas and acidity in the stomach, which causes stomach upset.

By the way, eggs have a lot of protein. It is full of nutrients. Due to the heat in the picture, many people in the winter include it in their diet. Egg contains 9 types of amino acids. It contains vitamins A, B , B12 and D, E and folate contain selenium and omega 3.


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