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If there is trouble in breathing, start this yoga as soon as today

New Delhi: Due to the lack of oxygen due to corona, the problem of breathing is increasing, in fact the problem of breathing or not breathing properly has increased very much nowadays, which is seen if allergies, infections and pollution are increasing day by day. Can be caused by. In such a situation, if you are also struggling with the problem of inhalation, then tell me that this news is of great benefit to you.

If you are also having trouble breathing, then you should do some yoga with the help of which you can definitely get rid of this problem as well as many other small-pearl problems will also be eliminated.



Lucknow: To do Bhujangasana, first you have to lie on your abdomen and keep both your hands under the forehead and then keep the toes together. You would like to tell that keeping equal distance between its arms, raise the forehead in front of you and then lift the front part of the body with the help of your arms.

After staying in this state for some time, you lie down again on your stomach. By doing this easy, along with your breathing difficulties, all problems such as depression, asthma and stress also go away.



After this, if you want, you can also do Anulom-Antonym, which is the most popular yoga in yoga. Explain that to perform this asana, you have to sit in a quiet place or in a very normal position and close the nostril of the right hand with the thumb of your right hand and then breathe through the other nostril. Sticks. After this, you have to repeat the same process by closing the nose hole of the left hand with the thumb of your left hand.

If you do this Yogasan regularly 2 times a day, then let me tell you that whatever trouble you are having in breathing, it goes away.



If you want, you can also do mountain yoga, first of all to do this yoga, you have to stand straight and slowly bend forward and keep both palms on the ground. Make sure that there is a gap of about 4 to 5 feet between your hands and feet.

After remaining in this position for about 5 minutes, you should return to normal. By doing this yoga asana, the problem of trouble in breathing as well as asthma and lung problems are also eliminated.

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