If you take steam to avoid Corona infection, then definitely see Unicef ​​India shared this VIDEO

New Delhi: Due to the corona outrage, there is chaos everywhere, there is no medicine, there is no cure, just the noise of corona is being heard everywhere. On the other hand, people are adopting different ways to avoid corona at this time. One way in this is steam. Nowadays many people are getting steamy fast and they think that they will avoid corona infection, although this is not the case. Nowadays steam inhalation is in circulation.

Many people are resorting to this many times a day, which is wrong. If one considers the information, then the method of steam inhalation can make you seriously ill. Today we will tell you what the side effects of taking steam can be. Recently, to alert people, ‘Unicef ​​India’ has shared a video on its Twitter handle.

As you can see in this video, Paul Rutter, the Regional Advisor and Child Health Expert for UNICEF South Asia, has stated that “there is no evidence that Kovid-19 can be eliminated by steam.” As you can see, in this video UNICEF South Asia’s Regional Advisor and Child Health Expert Paul Rutter has also stated that “the result of taking steam to avoid the virus can be quite bad.”

Constant steam ingestion can burn or severely damage the tarsia and pharynx in the duct between the throat and lungs. Due to which the person may have more difficulty in breathing and the virus can also enter your body very easily. ” Now if you consider this video, then according to this, the World Health Organization does not recommend to take steam as a treatment for corona.

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