New Delhi. The new variant Delta+ of Kovid-19 remains a matter of concern for the government and experts. The delta+ variant comes from the mutation of delta. The delta is believed to be responsible for the devastation in the second wave in India.

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According to the Ministry of Health, about 40 cases of Delta + variant have been reported in the country. According to experts, the vaccine can also be ineffective on infection with the delta variant, because it is much more lethal than all the previous viruses. Let us know what is this Delta +, its symptoms and can it be responsible for the third wave as well.

What is Delta+ variant?

This new variant is made up of mutations in delta+ (Ay.1), the first to appear in India in delta (B.1.617.2). Apart from this, the mutation named K41N which was found in the beta variant in South Africa also gives its symptoms. Therefore it is considered more dangerous. According to the Ministry of Health, 40 cases of Delta + variant have been reported in the country. These 40 cases have been found in 8 states. These states are Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Karnataka. The WHO has termed the delta variant a ‘virus of concern’.

Characteristics of the Delta+ variant

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According to the Union Health Ministry, Delta+ is highly contagious and is able to bind firmly to the receptor of lung cells. Because of this, there is a possibility of early damage to the lungs. It is also capable of defeating monoclonal antibody cocktails. The lead researcher who studied the symptoms of Kovid, Prof. According to Tim Spector, people who have been affected by the Delta variant are experiencing a severe cough and a different feeling like a funny of feeling. His cold symptoms are found to be quite different from the previous virus. According to the study, headache, sore throat and runny nose are the most common symptoms associated with the delta variant.

Could the delta variant be responsible for the third wave?

Having two mutations, Delta’s genetic code is E484Q and L452R and this can make our immune system weak to fight. This is the reason why it affects the rest of our body very easily and leaves serious symptoms. Additionally, newer variants alter the structure of the spike protein, but delta variants are more efficient at attaching themselves to host cells inside the body. Health experts have already warned that the delta may dominate India as a third wave.

Is Covishield and Covaccine effective against variants?

Vaccination is being seen as a major tool in the pandemic. According to the health ministry, broadly speaking, both the Indian vaccines are effective against the covidshield and covaccine delta variants, but to what extent and in what proportion do they produce antibodies. This information will be shared very soon. Studies are being done in many countries of the world including India on how effective the vaccines are in protecting against Delta Plus variants.

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