It is important to make the younger generation aware of non-communicable diseases

Lucknow: Non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension among young people who resort to alcohol and cigarettes for fast food and appearances are now beginning to occupy the body at the age of 30, while these diseases were earlier in the age of 40 The latter was considered. In order to rescue people from these conditions, World Health Day is celebrated every year on the Foundation Day of the World Health Organization on April 7, whose basic purpose is to make people aware with necessary counseling to provide a healthy life. This year’s theme of the day, which is celebrated on different themes every year – is Building a Fairer, Heldier World (Building a Fair, Healthy World).

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Physicians clearly say that it is very important to be physically healthy as well as mentally healthy. For this, along with proper nutrition, meditation, yoga and pranayama should also be included in life. The result of turning the mouth due to physical exertion is that the body is becoming the home of diseases. To avoid non-communicable diseases, it is necessary to do hard work and physical exertion for at least 45 minutes every day.

This can make the body safe from heart disease and diabetes. Apart from this, all the secrets of healthy health are hidden in the consumption of tobacco products and breaking the relationship with alcohol. Seeing the increasing outbreak of these diseases, the government has established a health and wellness center near home, as well as arranging for the screening of these diseases there, as well as yoga classes and counseling.

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The government is running various programs across the state in relation to maternal-child health care, adolescent-teen health care and reproductive health, with the aim of keeping everyone healthy. Through Anganwadi centers, proper nutrition of children and pregnant is being arranged. In every field, ASHA workers have been appointed, who are standing together in any health related problem. Chief Minister Arogya Mela is being organized at health centers every Sunday so that people can celebrate the holiday as Health Day.

Is necessary for a healthy life

  • Eat a balanced diet, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables
  • Keep body fit with regular exercise
  • Stay stress-free, share with family if there is any problem
  • Necessary sleep or rest of six to seven hours per day
  • Balance weight
  • Contact a trained doctor only if you feel difficulty

What not to do if you want to be healthy

  • Do not use sugar and salt too much
  • Do not consume tobacco and alcohol
  • Do not eat fried foods
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Make a Vegetable Child and not a Burger Child

Dr. Surya Kant, President of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, King Zarch Medical University, says that Corona has proved the importance of immunity. Therefore special attention needs to be paid to children’s immunity as they are the future of the country. Make sure to include green vegetables and seasonal fruits in children’s food so that they can become healthy not only physically but also mentally. Faced food-burger-pizza only gives flavor and not the ability to fight diseases. Therefore, make them a vegetable child and not a burger child. With this, come out only by covering the mouth and nose with the mask, it will not only survive from corona but also from many other diseases.



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