Know why Tanishq’s new ad got into controversies


Tanishq is a jewelery brand that people love but now it is becoming a boycott on social media, the reason for this is Tanishq’s ad which shows the relationship between two different religions, this ad has sparked a war on social media. Being associated with Hindu-Muslim religions, people have been giving it the name of Love Jihad.

This ad was released on 9 October in which a Hindu girl is shown pregnant and she is married in a Muslim family, after which her mother-in-law wears her jewelry and gives her baby shower. People are calling it Love Jihad because of anger, Tanishq brand Have come together to boycott

After Tanishq Jewelery’s Ed, Kangana Ranot has tweeted that ‘this Ed has a Hindu daughter-in-law who has to ask the question that you do not have this ritual, is this house not hers and is it this house not a member ‘

After this ed, many people raised their voice against it but Shashi Tharoor justified it and sported it Shashi Tharoor wrote that “Tanishq’s Boycott by Hindutva people to highlight Hindu-Muslim unity through this beautiful advertisement Have done


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