Prepare ‘immunity boosters’ to avoid second wave of corona

New Delhi. The second wave of Corona in the country has taken a gigantic and frightening form. The rising cases of Corona caused panic in the hearts of the people. On Wednesday, the number of infected in the country has reached close to 2 lakh, which is a matter of concern for everyone. Maharashtra tops the states with the highest number of cases. In such a situation, the Ministry of AYUSH has instructed people to use traditional nuskha to prevent it.

On behalf of the ministry, it is said that people should make as much as possible decoction at home and drink turmeric. People have also been advised to eat Chyawanprash. The Ministry of AYUSH also says that last year when the corona epidemic was at its peak, Indians had consumed a large number of these traditional things and boosted their immunity to the epidemic. In such a situation, people will still have to try to defeat this epidemic by adopting the same measures.

We all know better that the measures that Ayush has suggested, are all actually reality boosters. Now the question arises in such a way that how to make your own immunity booster at home. We give you the answer, but before that, let us tell you that the turmeric which the Ministry has talked about is a very effective thing in the tips of Ayurveda. It is not only an immunity booster, but is also a natural liver detoxifier. It is effective in fighting various types of infections. Turmeric originating in India has high amount of curcumin, a chemical substance found naturally. Therefore it is liked everywhere. A person needs about 500 to 1000 milligrams of curcumin a day, which it fulfills.

It not only relieves pain and fatigue in the body, but also plays a very effective role in relieving respiratory problems. It has many advantages. It is also antiseptic. In a webinar with the Ministry of AYUSH, famous celebrity chef Sanjay Kapoor had said that drinking it mixed with milk has many benefits. According to him, if a pinch of ground black pepper is added to the milk, it not only increases its taste, but it also helps in boosting your immunity.

Now let’s talk about decorations made in the house. According to Ayush, for this you can use some things present in the house. Such as cumin, parsley, peepal, black salt, turmeric, cloves, Giloy, ginger, dry ginger, basil leaves and black pepper. Boil them well by crushing all of them in one and a half to two liters of water or such. When the water is cooked, its color will turn light brown. Cool this water and drink it four to five times a day. This moderately visible water has beneficial properties that can give you immunity to fight the corona virus.

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