Protect your skin from scorching sun

The skin of the body starts to dry and blacken as soon as summer starts. Due to which our face starts to lose color slowly. Often we use many ways to protect our skin from sunlight, yet our skin turns black. By adopting some simple tips, we can prevent our body skin from turning black.

This is how to protect skin from sunlight

  • Drink lots of water and juice before going out of the house, this brings energy to the body.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion half an hour before going in the sun. This will not affect the sun’s rays directly on your skin.
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  • Do not forget to put the cap before going out of the house. Also, wear any cotton clothes of the entire arm, so that the sun will not fall directly on your skin.
  • Always stand in a shady place when going in the sun. Never came in direct contact with the rays of the sun.
  • When you come back home from the sun, wash your face thoroughly and apply sunscreen lotion. Never use soap that contains hard chemicals. This causes your skin to deteriorate.
  • Apart from this, some domestic packs should be made to protect the blackness of the skin. Such as sandalwood paste, potato peel, and cucumber juice etc.
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