It cannot be denied that regular physical activity, especially in the form of yoga, not only helps in keeping one active, but also manages lifestyle-related issues such as obesity and excessive stress.

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But if you’re not sure where and how to start, here’s some help from yoga teacher Manasi Gandhi, who explained an effective, stress-relieving yoga pose. In yoga practice, mudras or hand gestures are considered an effective way to modulate the body’s energy flow which helps it to relax.

Taking to Instagram, Gandhi shared the most commonly used mudra or gyan mudra
Know here the benefits of Gyan Mudra:

*Enlivens the soul, elevates your mood
*Increases blood flow to the brain
*Helps in relaxing the body by taking the focus inwards
*Good for treating insomnia, diabetes and headache

how to do this?

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*Bring the tip of the thumb and forefinger to touch each other.
*This pose works best when practiced for 30 minutes every day.
*You can break it up into 15-minute blocks, but when done consistently, are most effective


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