New Delhi. The Delta Plus variant of Corona is extremely dangerous. It not only eliminates the antibodies made in the body, but also kills the lung cells very quickly by infecting them. In such a situation, there is concern that if people were given the vaccine. After this, if this virus enters the body, will it also kill the antibodies made from the vaccine? On the instructions of the Union Health Ministry, ICMR and National Institute of Virology have now started research in this direction.

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After the introduction of Delta Plus in the country, doctors researching on it have found that this form is very deadly. After research on infected patients, it was found that this virus starts destroying the antibodies made against the disease in the body very rapidly. According to experts, this process is extremely dangerous. So far, there have been more than 40 new cases of Delta Plus variant in our country, while one patient has also died.

A senior scientist of the research team said that their aim in this research is to know how different this variant is from the original forms of alpha, beta, gamma and delta found so far in the world. It has been identified by genome sequencing, but its dangerous level is not yet fully understood. The research team said that at present, it has definitely been found in the early stages that Delta Plus starts eliminating the antibodies made in the body. If so, it is extremely dangerous. Because the vaccine given to people starts producing antibodies to fight against the disease in the body.

Infected patients who have got the delta plus variant, their lung function is being affected very quickly. Experts say that this changed form causes side effects on the lung cells very quickly. ICMR Chief Epidemiologist Dr Samiran Panda says that research is being done in this direction. They say that till now no variant of Delta Plus has been found in any infected patient.

Therefore, it cannot be confirmed that Delta Plus is also eliminating the antibodies formed after giving the vaccine. They say that the results after the research will confirm this. Experts of ICMR say that for the next one week, we have to collect complete information about the infection of Delta Plus. Because the process of getting infected patients of Delta Plus continues continuously, but the speed in which this infection should be transferred to each other is showing very little.

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Not only Delta Plus but also Lambda

According to Health Ministry officials, they are keeping an eye on not only Delta Plus but also Lambda, a replacement for the Kovid virus. Scientists of the National Kovid Task Force team tell that the way Lambda is causing havoc to the countries of South Africa including Peru and many countries of South America. He is very worrying. Because till now the infection rate of this virus has disturbed the health experts of the world. Experts believe that we have to worry not only about fighting the Delta Plus variant but also preventing viruses like Lambda in our priority.


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