This miraculous flower is useful in many diseases including tuberculosis and lung diseases, know the benefits


Our Indian people have been using this spice in the kitchen since two thousand years ago. This spice was very popular even during the times of the great kings and emperors of our country. Scholars, physicians of our country have done a lot of research on the properties and medicinal properties contained in this spice. These spices have special importance in Indian food. We all know that food is very tasty both with the use of spices and today in this article we are going to talk about one such dry spice called kokum.

This spice has been used extensively in South India. Kokum has been used since ancient times. Kokum is more a diet than tamarind. It is used to bring sourness to lentils. Its beautiful tree grows in abundance in Kerala and Karnataka. The leaves are three to three and a half inches long and dark green, with red fruits such as orange. This fruit is also called Ratamba. Hundreds of Kokum mounds go for sale from Goa and Kerala. So let’s get some more specific information about Kokum.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, Kokum is sour, delicious, anorexia, diarrhea, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, aphrodisiac, worm problem and beneficial for the diagnosis of heart disease. In addition, it is a remedy for cough and flatulence and hemorrhoids, blood disorders etc. Kokum is also better than tamarind and amchur. Paku Kokum is slightly heavy to digest, drinks diarrhea, spicy, sour, mild, sour, hot, hunger enhancer, fire igniter and phlegm and flatulence.

Its regular intake prevents fecal decay and also makes the intestines efficient. Kokum is made into syrup like a sauce, mixed with water, mixed with sugar, used to relieve bile inflammation, insomnia and thirst. Drinking small amounts of this syrup reduces bile. Piles are cured by taking it twice a day with curd. The oil emanating from the Kokum seeds is thick and white like wax. Kokum oil is also used in food and medicine. When the lips are cracked or the skin of the hands and feet is cracked due to a cold, cold oil should be applied on it.

This kokum oil is extensively used in making ointments and candles. Consuming kokum is very beneficial in daily food, it strengthens our digestion. Kokum syrup is a healthy and digestive drink and its regular intake eliminates problems like tuberculosis, lung disease, angina, diarrhea and constipation. By making and consuming kokum, cardamom and sugar sauce, acidity and bile problems go away. Also, if you make a decoction of Kokum, then add a little ghee to it and consume it, then the problem of indigestion goes away. Apart from this, if you consume equal amounts of Kokum, Cumin and Sugar, the urticaria problem goes away. Thus, Kokum is very beneficial for our health.


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