This tea is essential to protect against cold and cough. These 6 herbal products that keep you fit


Jethi honey, ginger and cinnamon tea are essential to prevent cold and cough and have been very useful.

Winter has begun. Such conditions also increase the risk of seasonal diseases. So we have to make some changes in our daily routine according to the weather. You can stay healthy with the help of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, ‘Ritachakra’ is mentioned.

‘Ritu’ means ‘Ritu’ and ‘Charya’ means lifestyle and dietary rules. Ayurveda describes various practices for the 6 seasons. By following it in the cold, we can protect ourselves from many diseases.

How effective is an herbal product?
Dietician and food expert Dr. Nidhi says that herbal products are very effective in cold, but should always be taken as a guide. This is because you often overuse it while sitting at home which can be bad for your health. Take herbal products while exercising daily, exercising or doing yoga. In cold, jetty honey, ginger, or cinnamon tea should be drunk. It warms the body and reduces the chances of catching a cold-cough.
These 6 herbal products will help you stay fit and fit in the cold.

1-starch honey: –
Its powder can be mixed with honey and licked. Can also be used in making tea and wine. The roots of jetty honey should be boiled in water and drunk. It relieves sore throat. There are no menopause, skin and heart problems.

2- Ginger: –
Can be used in tea. Drink two or three pinches of hot water on an empty stomach in the morning. Can be dipped in vegetables and milk. It also improves the throat.

3- Tamlapatra: –
It should be boiled and drunk. It can be dipped in vegetables. It regulates triglycerides.

4- Cinnamon: –
You can drink it by dipping it in tea and milk. You can drink it only by boiling cinnamon or adding honey to its water. Can also be used in salads and gravy vegetables. It does not cause wrinkles, it reduces weight. Heart problems do not occur. Throat is good However, its excessive intake should be avoided, as it can reduce blood pressure.

5- Badia: –
You can boil it in water and drink it. You can also drink tea, but add a little, because it is spicy. It can be used in risotto and gravy vegetables. This keeps blood pressure right. Relieves amnesia.

6- Nutmeg: –
It can be used in sweet things. Just like we eat cardamom in summer, we should eat nutmeg in cold weather. It gives warmth to the body. Its powder can be drunk by dipping it in milk and tea. It improves fertility and does not cause heart problems. The bones become stronger. No bad breath. But overeating should be avoided, as it can cause diarrhea.


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