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Troubled by the increasing weight in the lockdown

New Delhi: Gourd is considered a panacea for weight loss. It is rich in vitamin B, water and fiber, which increases metabolism in the body and also keeps the digestion active. Also, gourd helps in reducing constipation related problems. Learn more benefits of this… Jamun gives you health with amazing health, will get relief from excess weight.

Milena Natural Glow

Gourd juice contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that can keep your skin healthy. If you want, you can start drinking gourd juice before breakfast in the morning. Because it keeps the process of digestion good and gives glow on your skin.

There will be wrinkles

Do you know the benefits of betel leaves? If not, you will be surprised to read these news.

Acne will disappear

The gourd juice keeps the digestive system clean and prevents dirt and oil control in the skin. In this case, the pimples breakout is less.

Swollen eye rest

Gourd juice can be used to get rid of naturally baggy eyes. Because the gourd is cold and contains plenty of water, which helps reduce baggy eyes. Also, place round slices of gourd on your eyes and lie down comfortably. After waiting for 20 minutes, remove it. You will know the effect.

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