Use essential oil in this way, will increase brain power and reduce stress

new Delhi. If the most important thing for a healthy body and a healthy mind, it is our balanced lifestyle and nutrition-filled foods, but apart from these there are many things that we use to sharpen our mind or make us healthier. One such thing is essential oil. It is a natural oil which has been a part of human need for thousands of years due to its many types of fragrances and benefits. Scientists believe that essential oils are very beneficial for reducing stress and enhancing memory capacity. So let’s know how we can use essential oil for a healthy mind?

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Lavender essential oil will make you feel very relaxed
If you smell a few drops of lavender essential oil in water, then you will have a very relaxed feel. Let me tell you that lavender essential oil has soothing effects which not only reduces the stretch in the nerves of the brain, it also relieves stress and depression.

Rosemary Essential Oil helps to increase memory
If a few drops of Rosemary essential oil is mixed with any oil and massaged daily, it is very beneficial. Its fragrance is beneficial in enhancing the memory and keeping the mind more focused. Stress can also be removed with its fragrance.

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Lemon essential oil reduces anxiety and stress
Lemon essential oil is preferred because of its suiting properties. Its fragrance can reduce anxiety and stress. You can use it by mixing coconut oil or olive oil.

Pipement essential oil stress, beneficial in reducing depression
Pipement essential oil contains a mixture of menthol which is beneficial in reducing stress, depression. It is also beneficial in calming the mind. You can use it with water. For this, add a few drops of Pipement Essential Oil in the water and smell it by applying it in your handkerchief. There will be relief in constant headaches and stress. You can also sleep on it by putting it on the pillow.

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