Video: Seeing amazing body strength of children with disabilities

Lucknow: Seven years ago, Mr. Hemant Sharma (Yoga Acharya) started the team of Divyang children which has become the first Indian team to do acrobatic yoga today. Asia Book of Records and India Book Record admitted that this is India’s first team of Divyang children who do acrobatic yoga. The award was given to the Yoga Artist Group at the hands of noted rapper Gati.

The team showcased their skills in Doordarshan’s show Meri Awaaz Ye, Colors TV’s Show India Banega Manch, Zee TV’s show Big Celebrity Challenge International, and children have been awarded several National and State Awards. Former Presidents Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Rajat Sharma, Mahabali Satpal, Mr. Sushil Kumar and well-known rappers have also shown their skills in front of Gati. All the members of the team are blind but looking at their skills, no one can say that they are less than anyone.

In acrobatic yoga, the mutual coordination and understanding of two people is very important. One has to rely on each other with closed eyes, only then are the steps of yoga forced to press the fingers under the teeth. You must have seen many acrobatic yoga teams in India who, with the help of each other, present different types of towers in front of you in a pinch. But when you do this acrobatic yoga without looking, then easy looking towers become very difficult.

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These children of All India Blind Association, Raghubir Nagar and Ace D Public School, Pitam Pura not only mastered acrobatic yoga despite their disabilities but also got first place in various competitions and told the world that the sixth Indri of Divyangs ( Sixth Sense) makes all their shortcomings complete.


Hemant Sharma, who teaches acrobatic to these children, says that at first he did not realize that these children can also do acrobatic. When he came here four years ago, he used to teach him only meditation and posture, seeing these kids’ early learning habits as compared to other normal children, he just taught them acrobatic and the result is in front of everyone today.

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Along with the First National Excellence Award, Anmol Award, these children have also given a tough competition to the students of general category in many competitions like First Yoga Open National Championship, Meri Awaaz Suno, Delhi State Yoga Championship.


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