Will stay away from negative thoughts, then Corona will win the war easily

Mow. Dr. Rahul Rai, who served as Senior Resident at BHU Varanasi, believes that staying away from negative thoughts can help in dealing with the corona infection. Dr. Rai said that he was also corona infected in the past, but now he is fully healthy and is serving patients patiently following the Kovid protocol.

Sharing his experience, Dr. Rai said that as soon as symptoms of corona infection are seen, one should start taking medicines according to medical advice without delay. After confirming the infection, family members and people who have come in contact should also get information given to the people around them. So that people coming into contact with potential can go to their investigation and isolation.

He said that the seventh to twelfth day is the most dangerous during infection. It is perfectly easy to beat the epidemic if you start medical treatment before that. Dr. Rai said that most of the infection lasts for 15 days and these 15 days are very special. The first week is in your hand, the patient’s hand. The drug should also be started as soon as the epidemic begins. Also, an investigation should be done to confirm the infection without delay. The second week is in the hands of the doctor, that is, once the infection is confirmed, the doctors will start treatment immediately and the patients get cured easily. If both these weeks are negligent then the third week can be fatal, so the infected person should start treatment with the advice of the doctor without delay.

They reported that negativity is most fatal during the transition period. This leads to a loss of confidence and makes it impossible to beat the epidemic. He kept himself away from negative things while he was in the grip of it. He said that these days most media reporting is taking place which causes panic in the society. It would be prudent to keep infected people away from news channels. He also said that there is no need to fear the Corona epidemic as it is not incurable. It can be better treated at home.

The doctor said that treatment at home is more effective than at the hospital. However, he also advised that if the oxygen level continues to fall, the victim should be admitted to the hospital without delay. When the epidemic hit, according to the advice of doctors, he continued to take medicine. Masks kept steaming hot water two to three times a day, making physical distance a part of life. Which will help reduce infection. Apart from this, whenever there is difficulty in breathing or if you start to suffer, then lie down on your stomach. So that the oxygen level remains intact. Timely isolation, medical advice, treatment, and following the corona protocol can definitely defeat this epidemic and return to normal routine.

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