Yoga is a unique means of ingesting natural oxygen

Saharanpur Oxygen deficiency is causing breathing problems. It can be overcome to some extent with the help of yoga. For this, Bhastrika, Anulom Antonyms, Bhramari and Pranayama can prove useful.

Yoga guru Gulshan Kumar said on Sunday that during the corona infection, people are terrified of fever, sore throat and cough. On the other hand, every information related to the lack of oxygen is causing unknown fear among the people. People should know that fear adversely affects the body’s resistance.

If someone’s oxygen label is getting low, then such a person should put a pillow under the chest and put a pillow under the thighs and lie down on the inverted stomach and he should take a deep breath and leave. This will improve oxygen deficiency. It is a natural ventilator.

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He said that due to change in the weather, the nature of our body expels the accumulated stool. As a result, symptoms like fever, cough, mucus, diarrhea, diarrhea, phlegm, acidity etc. are seen. News of the epidemic on television, negative news in newspapers, all of this creates fear and fear in the person, due to which our physical activities become weak and slow. The performance of our langs begins to be affected and our oxygen levels also begin to decline.

Yoga teacher said that the work of harvesting wheat is going on this month, the particles of wheat harvesting spread in the air and pollute the air, causing dry cough for most people. This is called allergic cough. In such a situation, our immune system also becomes weak, then our disease becomes acute. Fearful of death occurring every day during the corona period, even the family members are admitted to the hospital in a needless hospital. Where arrangements have already broken.

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There is lack of oxygen, medical facilities are not complete, there patients are dying. If there are people in the home isolation, there is a positive attitude taken care of by the family members. He said that if oxygen starts decreasing, then do bhastrika, anulom vilom and bhramari pranayam.

Bhastrika Pranayama – Sukhasana or Padmasana or sitting on a chair with your back straight. After that, keeping both elbows folded, bring both hands to the shoulders with your fist closed, then fill the breath with moderate speed with both hands above the head and then exhale, with the sound of a kick while bringing your hands down rapidly. Do this exercise about twenty times. Then take some rest. Then repeat it again three times twenty twenty times.

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Anulom Antonym Pranayama – First of all, take a long deep breath from the left nostril and remove it from the right nostril, then take a long deep breath through the right nostril, then you have to exhale through the left nostril. Repeat this sequence 20-20 times with both nostrils.

Bhramari Pranayama – Close the auricles with both the hands and obtuse the nose, while inhaling the nostrils, release the breath slowly while making the sound of a hoar from the throat.


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