Lucknow. The lecture was organized on the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day organized on Friday under the joint aegis of Faculty of Yoga and Alternative Medicine of Lucknow University and Inter University Center for Yogic Science, Bangalore, an institution of University Grants Commission. In this sequence, in the first session of “Yoga for a Healthy Heart”, the chief guest Professor Avinash Chandra Pandey Inter University Center for Yogic Science, Bangalore told that yoga philosophy is unique. By adopting a yogic lifestyle, the heart will remain healthy, through which physical, mental and spiritual benefits are obtained. Yoga makes life simple and balanced, due to which the feeling of Vasudhaiva family develops in the society.

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Former Vice Chancellor of Singhania University, Professor Sohan Raj Tated said that through Ashtanga Yoga, it helps in removing diseases of life and body, Virbhadra Asana, Utkatasana, is beneficial for heart related diseases.

Faculty coordinator Dr. Amarjeet Yadav said that daily practice of Bhujangasana, Marjariasana and Bhramari Pranayama helps in keeping the heart healthy for a healthy heart.

Dr. Rajeev Rastogi, former Assistant Director, CCRYN, New Delhi, said that in the corona period, for heart related diseases, through all these yogic activities, physical and mental benefits are obtained through Setubandha Asana, Ustrasana, and Anulom Vilom Pranayama.

Dr Prakash C Malshe, Director, Antar Prakash Yoga Center, Haridwar told that through asanas and pranayama, we can increase the energy of our body and to balance the blood circulation, heart rate, there are different types of asanas like Vakrasana, Mandukasana, It is beneficial in diseases related to Pawanmuktasana, etc. All the faculty, students and yoga instructors participated in the webinar.

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