5 great exercises, can improve your fitness through them


How often do you exercise a day? You will have to change the way you eat and the daily routine in the daily routine. In this way you will feel changed for the better.

We tell you 5 great exercises, through which you can improve your fitness, the effect of which you will see in a month.

1 planck
This is a basic exercise to balance the ape and balance in the abdominal muscles. In this exercise, keep the body in an upright position and keep your weight on your elbows and toes. Stay in this position for as long as you can

2 squats
In this exercise, keep your legs and shoulders wide, extend your hands to the front, bend your knees, and balance your body, make a gap on the ground, bend down and try to be down by bending your butt backwards and Keep your back straight during this pose.

3. Bird-Dog Exercise
Bend on both hands and feet and raise your arms forward in a flying pose like a bird and stay in this position for a while. This exercise develops your lower back.

4 lying hip ridges
In this exercise, you lie straight on the floor and lift them up by letting them do full weight on the hip. Maintain a level foot on the exercise mat. Extend your arms, squash the glutes, and raise your hips. This exercise will bring your body back to its original state. This exercise will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, thighs, lashes and hamstrings.

5. Push-ups
In this exercise, on the strength of the body, reverse the weight of both hands on the toe and lower the body on the strength of the hands. With this exercise your body will remain strong and fit.

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Posture, and support your body weight on your hands and feet. Maintain your hands and body in an upright position. Pushup works on every muscle in your body.

This routine will help you in getting your body to a level, and make your health an excellent one. Level.


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