Mother's Day 2021: 9 tips to protect the life of the mother who keeps the baby in the womb for 9 months!

Mother’s Day (Photo Credits: pixabay)

In this small word ‘mother’, there are huge expressions. She is an idol of kindness, affection, compassion and patience. She is the mother who keeps the nature alive, governs it. It would be meaningless to imagine the existence of a family without a mother. But have we ever wondered how much a mother suffers in this process? She takes every moment of risk with her life while creating and nurturing the form of a 9-month-old baby in the womb. It is a pleasant aspect that there has been a slight reduction in maternal mortality rate as compared to earlier. But much more remains to be done, and this will be possible only when the government and the family together preserve motherhood. Here we are telling you 9 tips to keep an infant safe after giving birth to a baby in nine months,

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* After becoming a mother to a girl, the first responsibility of the family is to make her feel mentally, that Parambrahm God has given her so much power to make this experience memorable.

* Pregnancy is very painful, so while giving birth to a child, the pregnant should not be left alone, if there is no female member in the family, then a nurse should be hired.

* At the time of realization before motherhood, she should be well cared for, she should not be made to feel her pain or pressure.

* At this critical time, it is necessary to have a husband who can communicate love and affection in his physical and mental anguish. Only a husband can give all this to a wife in a better way. Also read: Mother’s Day 2021 Google Doodle: On Mother’s Day, Google wished mothers around the world by creating a great pop up doodle.

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* In the process of giving birth to a child, the mother becomes physically weak, so at this time she needs a balanced, tasty and solid diet, because now she has to breastfeed the newborn too.

* A mother, suffering in the womb for nine months, endures all the suffering. After giving birth, you should try to keep her happy from all sides. In particular, he should be given an opportunity to get adequate sleep.

* In the process of giving birth to a baby, any woman is physically degraded. Since she has to feed her baby too, it is important for her to be healthy from every point of view. Therefore, for the first one month, he should be kept under the protection of a gynecologist.

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* Unfortunately even today, we are kept in son and daughter. If the mother has given birth to a daughter, then she should be made to realize that Lakshmi has come to the house, she should not be accused of not producing a son.

* The mother has to bear and bear all the pain alone in the womb for 9 months, but after giving birth to the baby safely, the husband should be ready to fulfill the responsibility of the father.


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