A-2 milk of native cows is hidden in the treasure of health, know what is the benefit


According to the news published in a magazine, even big companies like Amul are now entering the market with A-2 milk. But RS Sodhi, MD, Amul, says, “When you want to sell it at a premium price, the market automatically gets smaller. But now gradually awareness is increasing. ”

Despite that the research has not yet reached the final level, according to the things that have been revealed so far, according to A-1 milk, there may be irritation and other problems in the body. Apart from this, there can be diabetes and other heart related diseases.

At the same time, A-2 milk of native cows is very beneficial for health because it is very easy to digest.

According to the scientist at The National Bureau of Animal Genetics Resources, Karnal, she continues to motivate farmers to shift to A-2 milk, which has also had some success.

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