A powder that is effective in all your problems


Fenugreek, ajwain and black cumin are very beneficial for health along with making food tastier. Mix these three things well and make powder in the mixer and fill it in a glass bottle or barni. Today we will tell you how this powder is beneficial for you.

How to consume this powder: –
Take a spoonful of powder with a glass of whole kun-kuna water at night while sleeping. It is extremely important to take it with hot water and do not drink anything after taking it.

Advantages of powder: –

  • By using this powder, you can get rid of stubborn disease like arthritis.
  • By consuming this powder, your bones will get stronger.
  • Consuming this powder will increase the light of your eyes.
  • By taking this powder, your hair will grow.
  • By using this powder, your ear deafness will go away.

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